Peter + Stephanie |Engagement|

These two are the cutest couple ever! I had so much fun photographing them and love they wanted outdoor pictures in the snow. (I love the snow 😉  We were lucky to have such a beautiful winter day for it being January 2.  They were a great couple to start 2016 off with!

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The Anderson Family |2015|

The Anderson family was a great family to end my 2015 year with.  =)

Meg had won a mini session at the CASA Cup event back in October. I was happy to donate to a great cause. If you would like more information about CASA in McHenry County please visit:

Thanks =)

Anderson-9 Anderson-8 Anderson-7 Anderson-6 Anderson-5 Anderson-4 Anderson-3 Anderson-2 Anderson-1

Greg + AnnMarie |Wedding&Reception 2015|

AnnMarie and Greg had a very busy last few months of 2015. They were married in the states before their trip to Italy where they married & honeymooned (Their Italy wedding is the wedding they will be celebrating for years to come 😉 A month after they returned from what sounds like an amazing trip, they celebrated their marriage with friends and family in December. It was such an honor to photograph them for their “eloped” wedding and reception. It was really fun knowing that I was one of the only few who knew the eloped 😉

Cheers to both of them for many happy and healthy years together ❤

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